# Cultural and Educational Center Dagestan Cultural and Educational Center of Dagestan, abbr. KPCD - regional public organization, the Dagestani in St. Petersburg, the largest prayer room on Vasilyevsky Island. ![KPCD](https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/7/73/ZnGvFi8u0Eg.jpg/270px-ZnGvFi8u0Eg.jpg "Cultural and Educational Center Dagestan") ## Video Report from NNTtv: <video controls> <source src="nnt-video.mp4" type="video/mp4"> Your browser does not support the video tag. </video> ## History According to various estimates in St. Petersburg, live from 40 to 70 thousands of ethnic Dagestani. In the early 2000s, Dagestani Muslims founded several prayer rooms in St. Petersburg. Subsequently, there was a need for a center that would combine religion and education, to enable Muslims in St. Petersburg to receive religious education and upbringing in one place, and gather for collective prayers, Mawlids. As a result, cultural and educational center of Dagestan was formed, which was able to put these ideas into practice. ## Activity The work program of cultural and educational center of Dagestan includes educational, scientific and religious activities. The center holds courses: * Avar language * English language * Arabic language * Quran reading Avar-Russian online dictionary avar.me was created with the KPCD support. Commonwealth Youth of Dagestan regularly conducts lectures, competitions and St. Petersburg youth meeting. Five daily Salaats, Friday Salaat and Tarawih Salaats are held in the prayer room. Also Mawlids are celebrated in the Rabi al-Awwal month. Iftar and Suhur are held for prayers during the Ramadan month. Sorority of KPCD holds regular meetings, Mawlids, exchanges experience. Imam of prayer room is conducting Marriage ceremonies and other. Leads educational activities, explains the complexities for people who seek an advice. Newspaper "Assalam" in St. Petersburg is distributed with the support of the center. ## KPCD Library [Books](http://kpcd.ru/books) ## Wikipedia [Cultural and Educational Center Dagestan](https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Дагестан_%28культурно-просветительский_центр%29) ## Contacts Address: [Saint-Petersburg, Beringa street, 23/3](https://yandex.com/maps/-/C6qtrLmX) Telegram Channel: [KPCD](https://t.me/kpcd_spb) Instagram: [kpcdagestan](https://instagram.com/kpcdagestan) e-mail: [pochta@kpcd.ru](mailto:pochta@kpcd.ru)